Dr Margunn Bjørnholt

Director / Research Professor
+47 995 58 926

Margunn Bjørnholt is a sociologist and economist, Director of Policy and Social Research AS, and a Research Professor at the Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies (NKVTS). Her research interests include gender-based violence, work, family and gender equality, men and masculinities, policy studies, the welfare state, migration, and public sector reform and management. She has a broad background as an academic, a civil servant, a consultant and a leader in the NGO sector, and has formerly worked at the Regional Development Fund, the National Institute of Technology, the Work Research Institute and the University of Oslo, and has served as a national expert on gender equality to the European Commission. She is a former President of the Norwegian Association for Women’s Rights and the Norwegian Women’s Lobby.

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Recent publications


  • Gottzén, Lucas; Bjørnholt, Margunn; Boonzaier, Floretta (eds., in progress): Men, Masculinities and Intimate Partner Violence.
  • Skjørten, Kristin; Bakketeig, Elisiv; Bjørnholt, Margunn; Mossige, Svein (eds., forthcoming): Vold i nære relasjoner. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget.
  • Bjørnholt, Margunn (2014). Modern Men: A Norwegian 30-Year Longitudinal Study of Intergenerational Transmission and Social Change (PDF). Örebro Studies in Gender Research, 3. Örebro: Örebro University. ISBN 91-7529-027-0.
  • Bjørnholt, Margunn; McKay, Ailsa (eds) (2014). Counting on Marilyn Waring. New Advances in Feminist Economics. Bradford: Demeter Press/Brunswick Books. With a foreword by Julie A. Nelson. ISBN 9781927335277. (Read more)

Scientific articles and book chapters


  • Heen, Hanne and Margunn Bjørnholt (2008). Hvorfor slutter ledere i Statens vegvesen? [Why do managers leave the Norwegian Public Roads Administration?]. Oslo: Work Research Institute/Womanagement. WRI occasional paper series (AFI-notat), 2008:14. ISBN 978-82-7609-236-3. (PDF)
  • Bjørnholt, Margunn and Hanne Heen (2007). (Fjern-)ledelse i Statens vegvesen. [(Distant) management in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration]. Oslo: Work Research Institute. WRI occasional paper series (AFI-notat), 2007:1. ISBN 978-82-7609-200-4. (PDF)
  • Bjørnholt, Margunn (2006). Evaluering av tungbilkontrollprosjektet i Region sør. [Evaluation of the project “Control of heavy lorries” in the southern region]. Report for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.
  • Bjørnholt, Margunn and Hanne Heen (2004). Fjernarbeid i Statens vegvesen. Erfaringer med bruk av fjernarbeid i omstilling av en statlig virksomhet. [Distant work in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Experiences with distant work in the restructuration of a state agency]. Oslo: Work Research Institute. WRI report series (AFI-rapport), 2004:3. ISBN 82-7609-137-7.
  • Bjørnholt, Margunn (2002). Fjernarbeid – et mangfold av arbeidsformer. [Distant work – a variety of work-forms]. Oslo: Work Research Institute. WRI occasional paper series (AFI-notat), 2002:4.
  • Bjørnholt, Margunn (2002). Erfaringer med hjemmekontorløsninger i statstjenesten. [Experiences with home offices in the state administration]. Oslo: Work Research Institute. WRI report series (AFI-rapport), 2002:1. ISBN 82-7609-111-3.